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Low EMF Community Forming in Nicaragua and Bringing Children into this World Without Radiation Exposure

Dear friends - I recently received an email from Arthur Firstenberg regarding the formation of a “cell-phone free” community in Nicaragua. Today’s podcast covers this endeavor — an endeavor that definitely has issues but that I believe is the wave of the future. Those who are trapped in the wireless lifestyle may not be able to break free. They have stepped into a trap from which there may be no return — unless…

Unless they become willing to let go.

The time has come for everyone to understand that we are destroying not only ourselves but our children, our pets, our plants, and the myriad life forms that once surrounded us but are quickly dying and disappearing because we ourselves are killing all life. This situation must end. And it will end, even if it means the death of billions of bloodlines.

The future absolutely requires an end to the wireless world. Communities such as the one forming in Nicaragua are a step in the right direction.

Communities that are committed to bringing children into this world without radiation exposure are a much bigger step in the right direction as these communities will involve a high level of consciousness that aligns itself with love for Creation and the Creator’s design and a strong desire to bring children into this world without exposure to Luciferian energies… children who are truly in the image of God.

It is only a matter of time before this will come to pass.

Enjoy the podcast. Below is a small part of the text regarding the formation of this community. For more info, email Karen Rich at:


The plan for ISLA (Intentional Sanctuary Living Alternative) is a beautiful 40 acre low EMF eco community sanctuary by the sea.  Located within the 2500 acre Gran Pacifica property on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, the natural terrain (teak forest, hills and ocean) surrounding the ISLA site will provide a high level of protection from frequencies emitted by wireless technologies. Additionally all homes within ISLA will be built according to "the guiding principles of Building Biology" and under the consultation of a certified building biologist. This means using ecologically sound regional materials specifically to minimize internal as well as external EMFs, EMRs and EMIs.  There will also be a focus on minimizing mold and chemicals. A broadband fiber optic ‘wired’ Ethernet infrastructure will offer safe and secure internet and phone communications throughout the community. ​*** The non-negotiable rules of staying in ISLA (as a visitor, renter or owner) include NO USE OF WIRELESS DEVICES OF ANY public or private spaces.  This means no 'smart' phones, no 'smart' watches, no AirPods, no wireless printers, keyboards or mice.  In other words, Zero Tolerance. ***


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