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Sick Cats and Traveling to My Emotional Depths


Dear friends,

This podcast is a deep sharing of my personal experience of the last two weeks regarding taking care of five very sick kittens and an extremely ill mama cat. I think many of us are visiting these emotional depths right now as the unhealed parts of ourselves come to the surface to be seen, healed and transformed. The fact that this situation is occurring around Mother’s Day — the very same time I gave birth to a stillborn baby and almost lost my own life in the process — is not an accident.

The process of acknowledging and healing unresolved trauma can be difficult and exhausting - which is probably why the family members that came before us did not want to do it. Nonetheless, we are tasked with this chore because we are very strong souls that are courageous enough to handle it. Furthermore, the work we do on ourselves will help heal our entire family line and provide untold benefits for our future progeny. This is why the work I do concerning pregnancy and birth is so focused on healing trauma — because it truly does affect us and the way we create reality. We have so much healing to do.

Please note: this video contains graphic images of what has happened to the kittens as a result of an “upper respiratory infection”. Viewer discretion is advised.

If anyone would like to adopt one or two of the healthy kittens, please email me at And/or if you know of a real animal sanctuary that cares for injured (in this case blind or partially blind) animals and does not simply murder them, please let me know. Thanks. Donations are also lovingly appreciated toward the care of these animals. You can donate with a credit or debit card by clicking the following link:

Thank you for your kindness and support.


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